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Transforming Industrial Asset Management & Visual Inspections

AI Platform for Inspecting, Storing,
and Management of Industrial Assets

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Scalable and Integrated SaaS AI Platform: uses AI-first to detect any defects, builds 3D visualization for locating
defects & making annotation more precise using computer vision and deep learning techniques
such as CNN and Magic Wand tool.
  • Onstream/batch data ingestion
  • Rapid AI-based detection
  • Real-time analysis & alerting
  • 3D Digital Twin & annotation
  • Standard reporting
  • Integration with Work Order System in SAP/ CMMS
Powered by AI
AI-based inspection more accurate than manual inspection
Faster than manual inspection
Faster with our Advanced AI-aided manual defect annotation
Assets capability and scalability platform features
We provide the software platform for safe, highly accurate and agile
inspection techniques in just 4 steps
1. setup > 2. collect > 3. detect > 4. visualize & report solves industry challenges for gathering and analyzing previously difficult and unobtainable
visual sight on critical asset conditions and predictive structural failures.
1. Setup
Instant setup and configuration with controlled access and granular asset privacy.
  • Configure asset library based on industry.
  • User roles and permissions with controlled access and asset privacy.
  • Customize defect library based on the asset type.
  • Setup facilities to manage the asset inspections.
Step 1
Step 2
2. Collect
Easy and intuitive data collection thanks to our full visual imaging collection and video on-streaming.
  • Upload IR or RGB images in bulk for any inspection run
  • Live stream videos
  • Map GIS data to assets for visualization data
  • Integrated with drone data collection platforms like DroneDeploy
  • Drone provider/partner agnostic
3. Detect detects defects, provides severity of defects, performs real-time monitoring and alerts using AI - deep Neural Networks in combination with classical computer vision.
  • Automated object and defects detection from visual images and live stream videos
  • Customizable models to support different use cases
  • Contextual defect detection based on asset and object type
  • Visual heatmap of defects at any point of time of video streaming
  • Auto-prioritize defects based on severity
  • Real-time alerts on critical issues
  • Seamlessly retrain AI by make edits to the AI-based
Step 3
Step 4
4. Visualize & Report
3D Digital Twin with integration of GIS map, CAD drawings etc. and reporting tools with customizable templates and granular asset permission.
  • Feedback loop from annotations for retraining AI
  • Easily track defects based on severity
  • Exact fit annotationsof defects for superior tracking using deep learning technique (magic band).
  • Map view of assets and defects with location co-ordinates (GIS integration) plus CAD integration.
  • 3D Digital Twin of assets and defects using AI.
  • Customizable reports and templates tailored to any business.
  • APIs to integrate reports to 3rd party systems.
Advanced industry agnostic software
Our platform enables inspectors to annotate, review and get insights into your
visual data no matter the industry.
Power Utility
Physical asset management for power utilities, detailed visual and hands-on inspections of your above-ground assets stored in one location, reviewed by trained staff, and custom reporting providing a depth visual record of your asset condition for its entire lifetime.
Solar Facility
Drone Inspection of both Visual and IR for your (PV) Photovoltaic assets. Using our custom-designed cloud-based AI-assisted APP we can Identify and track anomalies and generate custom action reports. Ideal for commissioning as well as ongoing preventative maintenance projects. Cost-effective, timely with no loss of production during data collection, and the ability to track assets over their entire lifetime.
AI-based Real-time Monitoring & Alerting
Real-time AI inspections can be applied to a wide range of industries and use cases, including manufacturing, plastic recycling, worker safety, and more. AI algorithms can analyze data from cameras installed in infrastructure to detect potential safety hazards or highlight the ratio of plastic on the production line in real-time. Also, the user can receive alerts if defects on inspection have been detected.
AI-based corrosion detection can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of corrosion management, leading to cost savings, increased productivity, and improved sustainability.
Love the simplicity of the service and the prompt customer
support. We can’t imagine working without it.
— Jhon Doe
CTO, Inspection INC.
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