Our platform enhances Asset Health Management by deploying integrated AI & Generative AI solutions

Data Contextualization

Pre-built connectors that integrate data from diverse sources, creating a comprehensive Asset Health Knowledge Graph.

Foundation Model for Industrial Assets
Foundation Model
for Industrial Assets

Foundation Model that is trained on public, manufacture and industry data that allows clients to create highly accurate models with minimal effort and time.

AI Agents specialized in Asset Health
AI Agents specialized
in Asset Health

Multi-modal AI Agents that are integrated with live asset health data systems to provide just-in-time assistance on asset health issues

Integrates with your CMMS & Inspection Systems
Integrates with your CMMS &
Inspection Systems

Open APIs that allow services to be invoked and managed from within your existing CMMS workflows (such as SAP, IBM Maximo, esri, and PCMS)


Our solutions assist in managing all aspects of your asset health and prolonging its lifespan

Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance

AI and Generative AI based Prescriptive Maintenance solution to avoid Unplanned shutdown and increase the lifespan, and efficiency of industrial assets by anticipating failures and recommending timely interventions.

Visual Inspections
Visual Inspections

AI and Generative AI based Visual Inspection solution to improve the integrity of your assets by automatically detecting visual defects, their severity and providing actionable recommendations.

AI Agents for Asset Workflows
AI Agents for Asset Workflows

AI Agents trained to assist you in performing specific tasks like work order generation, inventory management, field technician assistance, and HSE procedures.


Deploy Solutions Within Weeks, not Months
We provides Velocity to Value to our customers :

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Benefits in months, not years:

Payback in less than 6 months with over 10x ROI

3 - 5%

More Profit

1 - 3%

More Production

95 - 98%

More Uptime

3 - 5%

Less Energy Consumption

15 - 20%

Less Maintenance Cost

30 - 40%

Less Inspection Cost

Advanced Industry-Agnostic Software

Our platform enables you to get actionable insights into your asset health no matter the industry.

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
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Power & Energy
Power & Energy
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Manufacturing Processes
Manufacturing Processes
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Secure Data Vault

Your data’s privacy and security are top priorities for us at

We adhere to the highest global standards for data handling, follow best practices, and comply with strict data transfer laws.

In addition, we believe and adhere to ethical AI principles.

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  • SOC 2
  • GDPR
  • ISO
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